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Posted by Erectronik - October 11th, 2009

Hey all my fans,

Thanks for being so patient, my latest work has arrived. Unfortunately, I've been working under a new alias and hence a slightly new musical setting. It is more of a righteous crusader kind of feel to the sound. Fortunately it is still power metal and featuring lots of lightning fast guitar work throughout!

Check it out at http://crusader-shield.newgrounds.com/

The piece is called 'Heart of the Defender' under the alias 'Crusader Shield'

I hope you all will enjoy it!


Posted by Erectronik - March 5th, 2009

I've had my good days on NG, and I thank all my fans who have loved my music and loved pirates as well. I must say that I have reached some good rating and excellent reviews in the audio portal, but the time as come for me to stop producing Legendary Pirate music for NG. Reasons are, I need money, recession sucks, and I can't get a real job at the moment, that isn't some shit McJob. However, good news is that I will not stop producing music, and I am currently working on an album which will be on iTunes music store and other online music vendor/publishing services. Sit tight and more news to come!

Posted by Erectronik - December 2nd, 2008

As you all know, I am putting my pirate music production on hold temporarily.

2 things.

1) I *AM* working on a new piece that will be featured in a newgrounds game soon. It's style is a crossover between my old pirate style and my new style.
2) My new style is taking up shape with some influences like Amon Amarth, Kiuas, At the Gates, Ensiferum, Turisas, and World of Warcraft's new icy theme.

Posted by Erectronik - September 18th, 2008


Posted by Erectronik - August 5th, 2008

Ahoy me hearties!

Seeing the last post's comments, I've decided that I'm going to move with my newer works, the next one coming up is going to be called "Steal the Princess". It will sound just like some pirate's raiding a castle, kicking ass and kidnapping the princess /.D

Also, I've set up a page for more exposure to my music.
http://www.tribeofnoise.com/LegendaryP irate
Please do check it out and give some good ratings! :D

I'm going to be working at Silicon Knights this fall for 4 months on an unannounced project, but hopefully they will ask me to compose some works for the game! (Of course it will piratey tunes)

Posted by Erectronik - July 17th, 2008

Just want to know what you fans like best in my latest works (the piratey stuff). Would you guys like to see more stuff in the latest styles like "Holy Pirate Crusader" and "Laser Scimitars", or older stuff like "Aerial Galleon" and "Plunder the Galaxy"? Also, it seems my really old gothic stuff is still popular to this day: "Empire in the Sky" and "Destroying Heaven". Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated!

Keep on rocking ye scurvy ridden seadogs!

Legendary Pirate

Posted by Erectronik - August 12th, 2007

wow, i cant believe the dumb bastard shat on the edge of our toilet seat.