New musical direction/inputs?

2008-07-17 03:05:29 by Erectronik

Just want to know what you fans like best in my latest works (the piratey stuff). Would you guys like to see more stuff in the latest styles like "Holy Pirate Crusader" and "Laser Scimitars", or older stuff like "Aerial Galleon" and "Plunder the Galaxy"? Also, it seems my really old gothic stuff is still popular to this day: "Empire in the Sky" and "Destroying Heaven". Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated!

Keep on rocking ye scurvy ridden seadogs!

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2008-07-17 19:08:04

To be quite frank, I love all of it. The more you put up here, the more 5's you'll probably get from me :p


2008-07-20 17:53:03

Well, I like all your styles, though the latest two songs definitely show off my favorite one from you thus far. But I especially like that those latest two seem to have sound quality leaps and bounds better than your previous ones did. All the others had a somewhat muffled sound to them that made me think "Boy, these are really cool, but if only the sound quality was better, then they'd be phenomenal!" Am I right in thinking you've gotten better equipment or software or compression methods or whatever that has improved fidelity in the two latest songs?

Well, whatever the case, I personally would like to see you continue with all three styles. With improved sound quality (and, in my opinion, improved talent on your part), I think the two old styles could reach whole new levels you haven't taken them to yet, while the latest pirate/paladin direction is just too awesome to neglect ever making more music there. If I had to choose just one, I'd say keep on track with Holy Pirate Crusaders and Lasers & Scimitars, but as a fan of your stuff, I'd most like to see you dabble in all your styles over time.

Utimately, though, it doesn't really matter what direction you take. Expanding on your two older styles, continuing with this one, or doing something new. As long as you keep making music, I'm happy, because your stuff is extremely unique and very entertaining to listen to. Hope you never quit doing what you're doing, man. :)


2008-07-22 21:45:50

Arrrg. Stick with yee newer swords, matie.


2008-07-25 15:59:22

You have to make this difficult, don't you? Well, if you REALLY want a decision, I'd say I like the style of Aerial Galleon better, but really, it didn't win by much. I think that both styles would serve you well. No matter which direction you choose to go in, I'll give it a listen!


2008-07-31 03:35:32

Holy pirate crusaders ftw ... *cough* arrrrrrrrgggggghhhh


2008-08-01 23:32:47

mmm, if this helps any, my favorite song of yours is -Space pirates-

im not sure which category of yours it falls in, but yeah


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