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Apart from the long intro (which you should cut down next time or use "next buttons") the animation was ridiculously packed with action!! And you used my track :D


lol that was good, except the in the tetris one, shouldnt the rows disappear because they make a complete row, haha it was great anyway :)

MeatwadSprite responds:

no they shouldnt he broke tetris

cool concepts in tutorial

thats pretty cool tutorial (considering that tutorials are scripts people copy+paste and dont even bother learning haha) you had some rili cool concepts there, like the gta car and asteroid car movements! i liked them

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wow this really helps

this really helped me build my preloader! i was about to do something stupid like submit it to NG and see if the preloader did anything funny. thx a lot

love the police brutality

very innovative, a very cool concept! reminds me of those days when i played road rash. u should make more of these fun fun violence games

nice! if i could only do this in real life hehe..

pretty cool, considering u can change the music if u get bored with it. i really want those cars!! what woudl be cooler if u made more ext. shells, or if u could tweak the shape of the spoilers!

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mmm, its got a good melody and chord progression, quite laid back. One problem however, is the mixing levels. Some tracks enter in too loud at times. It seems each new lead you add is turned up louder than the rest of the track. Try adding master compression after fine tuning all the track levels.

I kick yer shins, Scientology

Nice creepy ambiance and atmosphere, I know what's going on with the Scientology, and what you're talking about. Comic book religion.. lol

Rum and ale ftw

I'll have to say the intro is a little odd, but when the beat kicks in, thats when the fun begins :D

It's short, but it really is worth the listening just for the sick beat in my opinion.


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