End of the pirate on NG

2009-03-05 23:57:11 by Erectronik

I've had my good days on NG, and I thank all my fans who have loved my music and loved pirates as well. I must say that I have reached some good rating and excellent reviews in the audio portal, but the time as come for me to stop producing Legendary Pirate music for NG. Reasons are, I need money, recession sucks, and I can't get a real job at the moment, that isn't some shit McJob. However, good news is that I will not stop producing music, and I am currently working on an album which will be on iTunes music store and other online music vendor/publishing services. Sit tight and more news to come!


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2009-03-14 19:22:47

You will be missed. By me anyways.


2009-03-22 15:09:30

Dude your music is Godly.


2009-03-29 17:49:23

Aw you said you'd be back! Once you have money can we get some more? :(


2009-04-10 14:03:51

Hey man! That's so bad to hear! :(
I'm tomylee, i developed iPumpkin which used your Star Rise Reaper song :D It's a shame you won't be producing any more music!.

Besides that, i'm a pro drummer (and i just bought a custom Acrylic Drumkit!) and i would love to record real drums and make a video to upload it at youtube, remaking Star Rise Reaper. Could that be posible!? we will both be credited for that and it will be a really nice experience :)



2009-04-25 10:28:25

NO!!!!! What if you don't use I-Tunes?


2009-05-02 05:33:21

good luck big fella you'll do fine


2009-05-25 00:06:58

Alright, I understand, but don't think we will forget ya. The moment you can, come back and make us a tune, or at least leave message on here to let us know your alive and doin well. I Hope I hear of you in the future...


2009-09-15 22:45:05